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New! Interview with Jeff Schult, author of "Beauty from Afar - A Medical Tourist's Guide to Quality and Affordable Cosmetic Care Outside the US"

Video ABC News interview with the man who wrote the book on cosmetic medical tourism.
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Facility Profiles for Medical Tourism Facilities in Brazil and Costa Rica

Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital - Brazil
JCI-accredited general hospital with notable units for neurology and cardiology, and purportedly the largest liver-transplant center in Latin America. Supports medical tourism via international patient support services, and relationships with international insurance companies.
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CIMA Hospital - Costa Rica
Large general hospital in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose, affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Notable plastic surgery department, and only recently have general medical services overtaken cosmetic surgery as a draw for medical travel visitors. Supports medical tourism via English-speaking staff, and international insurance department.
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Researching Lap Band Doctors

Researching lap band doctors is essential before committing to surgery abroad, because qualifications vary widely from country to country. For such a major operation, there are so many options that it is difficult to know where to start. There are thousands of doctors offering their services and choosing the best one can be a very stressful experience.

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Spotlight on Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Prices for plastic surgery in Mexico are up to 40% cheaper than in the US, and a full range of services is offered in all manner of reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. In addition, the cosmetic surgery facilities in Mexico are rated, by the World Health Organization, as comparable in quality to those in the US. Read more to find out about cosmetic surgery in Mexico, including details about specific clinics.

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McKinsey: Medical Travel is Small, But Growing

May 6, 2008

Today McKinsey & Company released a report entitled Mapping the Market for Medical Travel. The quick summary is that McKinsey claims medical travel is overhyped, with only 60,000-85,000 inpatients annually, as compared to hundreds of thousands claimed by those in the medical tourism industry. However, McKinsey sees growth ahead, because there are very real benefits to medical travel (chiefly quality of care, cost, and shorter waiting times). As the Wall Street Journal put it, "Still, the report does say the number of Americans traveling overseas for care could grow to more than 700,000 procedures a year, at a savings of some $15,000 per procedure."


Featured Article

How You Too Can Get a Face Lift in Thailand and Not Break the Bank

The state of health care being what it is in the US today, you might want to consider coming to Thailand on a medical vacation. In the last few years, this has become very popular as Americans realize they can get the same quality of care they receive in the US for about one tenth of the price.

Included in the money it costs is also a round-trip ticket to Bangkok, and often a week's vacation on a top Thai beach to recuperate after surgery. Medical tourism in Thailand is the 'in thing'.

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