What Types of Health Treatments Are Available Overseas?

Thousands of people are heading to exotic destinations for an escape, but the trip isn't for a casual vacation. Medical tourism is reaching its peak as more people head overseas for cosmetic surgery, cheap Lasik and even a sex change. Destination spas and wellness centers around the globe are catering to the rising trend of world travelers who are booking rooms for not only rest and relaxation, but a complete body makeover as well. Since private care at many American and European hospitals can be so costly, many are seeking treatment abroad.

India Medical Tourism Treatments

Low-cost bariatric surgery, Lasik and hip surgery are just a few options for those who want a professional treatment at a fraction of the price. India has quickly become one of the most popular countries for health treatments and surgery. Today's low travel and hotel costs make this destination even more attractive for people who want to save money on various procedures, but still want to enjoy high-quality services. One of the most costly procedures today is hip surgery; India has quickly become a top choice for patients who cannot afford to be placed on a waiting list for hip surgery, and many treatment centers are meeting the growing demand. Cheap lap band surgery is another option for many patients, and Indian doctors offer professional services after extensive training and work experience in the U.K.

Hungary and Turkey Medical Tourism Treatments

Hungary is catering to the huge demand for cosmetic dentistry. Hungary is home to hundreds of qualified dentists who perform most procedures well below the rates in the U.S., and even the U.K. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered by health insurance and can become a substantial out-of-pocket expense. Turkey is another option for those seeking private dental treatment at a lower cost; ceramic veneers and even tooth whitening are less than a quarter of the price of average prices in the U.K.

Thailand Medical Tourism Treatments

Plastic surgery in Thailand is a booming business, and many people are heading east for tummy tucks, facelifts, nose jobs and even a sex change. Many aesthetic plastic surgeons are enhancing their services to include sex change surgery procedures - often referred to as sex reassignment - and these often cost less than $10,000. Thailand is also the place for low-cost bariatric surgery. Thailand is home to dozens of plastic surgery and wellness centers specializing in obesity surgery, and these offer professional treatments at a fraction of the cost found in the West.

Mexico Medical Tourism Treatments

Finding high-quality, professional cheap Lasik surgery can be challenging, but Mexico offers many options for eye surgery and corrective treatments. Mexico is also becoming a popular place for cheap lap band surgery and cosmetic procedures including face lifts, breast reductions and liposuction. With the rise in obesity and health conditions related to being overweight, many people are turning to obesity surgery for a long-term solution. Cheap lap band surgery makes it easier for many overweight and obese individuals to maintain a healthy weight without spending thousands of dollars on treatment costs.


The lower cost of accredited hospitals overseas makes the opportunity for health treatments abroad even more attractive. In addition to cosmetic procedures, many are heading overseas for hip surgery, cardiac bypass surgery and even Lasik surgery procedures to pay up to 90 percent less than the average rate in the U.S.


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