Benefits of Medical Travel

The rise in medical tourism in recent years is the direct result of cheap plastic surgery and inexpensive medical treatment options available overseas. Spas, wellness centers and even hospitals around the world are now catering to travelers looking for inexpensive cosmetic surgery from qualified professionals. By providing affordable luxury accommodations and a wide range of services, these centers are fueling the trend of medical tourism for thousands of travelers each year.

The increased availability of cutting edge medical treatments is just one reason why medical tourism has grown so rapidly in the past 10 years. Plastic surgery centers in Costa Rica, Mexico, India and Thailand are becoming some of the world's top destinations for treatment, due to these advances in technology. Obesity treatments such as lap band surgery, simple cosmetic procedures such as Lasik and cosmetic dentistry treatments are just a few of today's most popular options. Services are performed by a qualified team of professionals, which reduces the health risks of even simple procedures substantially.

A higher quality hospital experience is another benefit of treatments overseas. Plastic surgery centers and other cosmetic treatment venues offer deluxe packages for patients that are similar to a hotel stay. Luxury accommodations can also be expected at destination spas and wellness centers that offer cosmetic surgery procedures. Many are taking advantage of this new approach to travel and relaxation.

Finding unique procedures abroad is yet another motivation for medical travelers, especially for treatments that have long waiting lists in some parts of the world. These may be more affordable in another country, and are still performed by highly skilled professionals. Medical tourism is especially valuable for those who are interested in elective procedures that are not covered by their basic insurance plans. Cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and dental treatments are just some of the most common procedures available overseas, and often at a reduced overall cost. Individuals who are underinsured or even uninsured can also manage their medical expenses by saving on many alternative treatment costs.

Many treatments that used to be affordable only for the wealthy are becoming more accessible and readily available at a number of exotic destinations around the world. Accredited centers are often part of a network such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). These entities ensure that hospitals and plastic surgery centers meet high standards and are safe for foreign patients.

The cost factor is perhaps the biggest benefit of cosmetic surgery procedures overseas. Finding cheap plastic surgery in Western countries such as the U.S. and U.K. can be risky, and most waiting lists can be upwards of six months to a year long. Traveling abroad offers many more opportunities for inexpensive cosmetic surgery treatments. The total cost in countries such as Thailand, Belgium and India can be as low as 10 to 30 percent of the average cost found in the West.

What was once reserved for only affluent consumers is now accessible to millions of health-conscious travelers. The lure of exotic destinations and low-cost cosmetic surgery offers many people the chance to undergo procedures they could otherwise not afford at home. From the cosmetic surgery centers in Costa Rica to the health and wellness centers in India, there are now thousands of destinations to find affordable health treatments at an attractive price.

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