Why Medical Travel is a Growing Trend

Overview of Medical Tourism

As thousands of travelers turn to exotic destinations to reserve both a hotel room and an operating room, medical travel is quickly becoming one of the top trends of the industry. From cheap plastic surgery to cosmetic procedures, countries such as Thailand, Belgium and India are catering to world travelers on a quest for inexpensive medical procedures. The trend is fueled not only by rising health care costs in the West, but also demand for unique, professional services found only in some of the world's most exotic venues.

Healthcare Tourism International (HTI) predicts that almost 1 million Americans will pursue health treatments overseas in 2008, with 40 percent seeking dental services and 23 percent seeking cosmetic surgery. Medical travel accounts for millions of dollars in travel and medical expenses each year, and the trend should keep increasing as Western procedures and services continue to command a high price.

This rapid growth is expected to continue as the baby boomer generation continues to turn to cosmetic surgery, Lasik procedures and anti-aging treatments to improve overall health and wellness. Reduced costs make professional surgery a viable option, and HTI reports that the most common procedures for health travelers in 2008 include dental bridges, dental bonding and breast augmentation (Source: HealthcareTrip.org). Even younger generations are finding value in combining exotic travel with medical care, turning to destination spas, wellness centers and other venues that provide affordable luxury accommodations and packages.

Medical Tourism Destinations

Now that cutting edge medical technology has become available in countries such as India, Turkey and Thailand, the costs of health treatments abroad can be up to 90 percent less than a U.S.-based procedure. Since health insurance rarely pays for cosmetic procedures and other services, many people have to resort to a waiting list and wait months - even years - or turn to cheap plastic surgery centers that compromise their safety. Medical services abroad are becoming an attractive opportunity for those looking for professional treatments while enjoying a luxury vacation in the process. The savings can make an exotic vacation a dream come true, and this is fueling the latest trends in medical travel.

India has quickly become a top choice for overseas health treatments. Many spas and wellness centers cater to the global traveler with deluxe accommodations, special spa services for patients and reduced rates for extended stays.

Cheap plastic surgery in Thailand is a booming industry, catering to the needs of people who are obese, need vision correction or simply want a professional facial treatment. Inexpensive cosmetic surgery from an accredited hospital or clinic makes it easier for many Americans to save on health-related expenses from home, and today's rising medical costs will only fuel this trend. Hungary, Mexico, Singapore and Costa Rica are just a few other countries enjoying the boom in medical tourism.


With today's increases in medical costs, health insurance rates and high demand for cosmetic procedures that require most Americans to pay out of pocket, it's easy to understand why many people are heading overseas for professional treatments. Discounted services also make overall travel costs much lower for each destination; an exotic vacation combined with a medical purpose can help many people reach their health and wellness goals.


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